Currently working on the better banner for me and my friends new video game channel LAN Party Hard. We started the channel because welp FOR FUN! If you guys are interested we uploaded our first video last week which is a DayZ video riiiiiiiiiiiiiight here—>

The new video for this week (its 11:44pm for me so YES this wwe, kinda late) is currently processing in HD and is a Battlefield 4 video with us just messing around. Right now its only from my perspective but we are working on getting multiple perspective views from all the members. It is a group channel of a bunch of friends who like to play games, hope the videos are okay!  (Please mind the first MS Paint banner… orz)

Ohhh no! God damn! I gotta pick the rest of Ray outta the bottom of my fucking ATV! (x)


i just wanted to see if i’m ok with coloring this type of hair with my new coloring style but then ….p sure its a redraw of this

Coming to your galaxy this summer.


me and my dad bonding